Brainhack Micro2Macro 2021

Atlantis (!), The Atlantic Ocean

26-29, 2021

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Images by Matteo Mancini, Ross Callaghan and Balintseby/Freepik


Show your research to other neuroimaging researchers.

Gain Skills

Learn how to apply the latest computational tools to your data.

Get Involved

Find exciting projects that you would like to contribute to.

Be Social

Meet researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

Registration for the Brainhack Micro2Macro 2021 is now open!

The Brainhack Micro2Macro 2021 is an official satellite event of the International Global Brainhack 2020. The goal of this hackathon is to bring together researchers with disparate backgrounds to collaborate on open science projects in neuroimaging, with a focus on the link between brain macrostructure and microstructure. The event will take place virtually, we symbolically picked the fictional Atlantis as our venue since the main sessions will take place between 2PM and 6PM UTC, making suitable for people based both in Africa, Europe and the East Coast of the Americas to attend! Any other time during the event can be dedicated to hacking!

Dates: January
26-29, 2021

Costs: Free!

Location: Atlantis (!), The Atlantic Ocean

Please join the Brainhack Mattermost project for updated information on the developing Hackathon content and to contribute your own ideas.

Our speakers

Gonzalo Agustin Alvarez

Centro Atómico Bariloche

Andrada Ianus

Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

João Pedro De Almeida Martins

Lund University

Haochang Shou

University of Pennsylvania

Chuyang Ye

Beijing Institute of Technology

Analia Zwick

Centro Atómico Bariloche

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